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Chesterfield Furniture

Chesterfield Style: Five Creatively Styled Rooms

We know anyone who likes chesterfield furniture must have good taste – yes, that includes you, since you’ve found your way onto this blog in the first place! With that in mind, we reckon you don’t need much help on the inspiration front. When it comes to the dĂ©cor in your living room, we bet you have it sussed. But even so, everyone enjoys drooling over interiors photos, don’t they?

So get ready…because we’re bringing you five gorgeous photos (borrowed from the stylishly creative hub that is Pinterest) of rooms which have used chesterfield sofas to great effect. Of course, you’ll find it hard to make a chesterfield couch look bad, but these homeowners have taken their duty as stylist of their own lounges very, very seriously.

Read on for some of our favourite homes, as seen online…

Perfect Symmetry

There’s something very calming about this room; it certainly appeals to our slightly OCD tendencies, anyway.  Every last section of this living room (seen below and at the very top of the Pinterest gallery on the link above) is so well-thought-out that we’re most certainly in love. We’re also wishing we had the time to plan our own home’s dĂ©cor in such a meticulous fashion.

Marvel at the attention to detail seen here: the matching chesterfield sofas and chairs,  and the strikingly similar shelf lay out. Everything, bar the shelves of course, fits neatly onto a large rug to the centre of the room, and a grey and blue colour palette offers a fresh and clean-looking aesthetic – what do you think; does this room get the thumbs up from you?

Mellow Yellow

The room you see below just screams ‘spring!’, doesn’t it? It’s the reason we picked it to feature in this interiors round-up. There’s nothing we don’t love about this dĂ©cor…the clashing colours and prints, the large display cabinet and the vibrant blinds, to name just three standout features. Of course, the chesterfield sofa takes centre stage here – and the great thing about choosing grey is that it’ll go with pretty much any colour.

Want a grey chesterfield sofa similar to this one? Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable sales team here.

In the Navy

This room is a beauty, isn’t it? But we reckon it wouldn’t quite have the va-va-voom that it currently has if it wasn’t for that beautiful, navy chesterfield sofa. We’re also crushing on those beams to the ceiling, the elaborate greenery and the fresh white walls. What is it that you love about this room?

Oh, and can we have that boho rug too?


Feeling Blue

It’s amazing what a minimalistic living room like this one (below) can do for your mood. A tidy home equals a tidy mind, that’s for sure – and we reckon this simple dĂ©cor will grab your attention if you’d like to achieve a cleaner, fresher-looking home. Are we right?

A coat or two of pale blue paint is all that’s needed to turn your room into an oasis of calm , while a welcome pop of colour (via this bright orange lamp) brings the space to life a little, too. We like how the picture is placed a little lower down the wall; it ensures the ceilings look higher and the space in general appears less cluttered – what do you think?

The eye is drawn to the chesterfield sofa here, too – and in this striking dark blue shade it works perfectly with the colour scheme.

Club Tropicana

Want to introduce a little more greenery into your space? We love how this homeowner has done it, mixing textures and prints to create a fun, quirky yet homely room.

Again, the chesterfield is in the spotlight, with cushions piled high to draw the eye even closer to the beautiful upholstery seen here. Want a piece similar to this one? You know what to do!


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Until next time…

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