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Interiors Trends and Tips

Home Cleaning Ingredients You Already Have in Your Kitchen

We’re declaring March ‘Spring Cleaning Month’ here at Distinctive Chesterfields as we know many of you will be looking to overhaul their home, reduce some clutter and give your space a jolly good once-over.

There are few things better than the satisfaction that comes with knowing you’ve given your home a really good clean and everything has a gorgeous, sparkly sheen to it.

With that in mind, we’re bringing you our top tips to some of the items you’ll no doubt already have lying around your kitchen that will also double up as natural cleaning products. Here’s our top five:


Whether you enjoy a late night G&T or you add a squirt of lemon to your cooking, most people have one or two of the fruits in the fridge at any one time. And guess what? Lemons come with loads of benefits, particularly when it comes to cleaning your home. Here’s how you can use them to best effect:


For the microwave – In a microwave-safe bowl, mix around three tablespoons of lemon juice with one and a half cups of water. Now, simply microwave the mixture on high for around five minutes, giving the steam chance to condense onto the inside walls and ceiling of the appliance. Then, simply wipe away the now-softened food and splatters with a dish cloth – simple!

For your wooden chopping boards – You’ll need half a lemon, some course salt, a bench scraper and a sponge or cloth to ensure your chopping boards are looking fresh and clean in no time. Start by sprinkling the chopping board with the salt, then scour the surface using a lemon half, cut side down.

Squeeze the lemon to release the juice as you go, then let it sit for five minutes before scraping the liquid off into a small bowl. Now just rinse and wipe with a fresh, wet sponge and you’re done!

For lightly stained worktops – Grab some salt, half a lemon and some white vinegar. Start by sprinkling the salt over the stain, making sure it’s completely covered. Now, squeeze some lemon juice over the salt to make a paste, before scrubbing the stain with the pulp side of the lemon. Let the mixture sit overnight and rinse off with water in the morning.

Baking Soda

Are you a keen baker? You’ll probably have some of this around the house if the answer’s yes. Did you know this handy little ingredient has more uses than just ensuring your cakes rise like they should?

baking soda

Here’s how else you can use baking soda:

For carpets – Remove scents from a carpet by simply sprinkling with baking sofa. Then just let it stand for around 15 minutes, before vacuuming the powder up. You can repeat this process as often as needed, too. This also works if you have a smoker in the house; just add baking soda into the bottom of each ashtray to try and rid your home of the smell of stale smoke.

For kitchen surfaces – Sprinkle baking soda on a damp cloth, before using it to clean kitchen worktops. Then simply wipe and rinse afterwards.


You might be aware of the cleaning powers of lemon, but who knew cinnamon was so useful when it comes to sprucing up your home? Well, believe it! It could well be your new favourite ingredient when it comes to cleaning everywhere from the kitchen to the car. Here’s how to use it:


For banishing odours – Create natural pot pourri by placing a pot of water on the cooker top and adding one to two tablespoons of ground cinnamon. Then simply simmer and replace the liquid if required. Helping to get rid of odours, the fragrance will fill your home for a lovely burst of sweet scent as any guests enter the room.

For decorative, deodorising purposes – Add a handful of cinnamon sticks to a glass filled with dried cranberries and cloves. This makes a pretty, sweet-smelling ornament for the living room or bedroom.

So there you have it! Raid your kitchen cupboards today and see what you can find to ensure your home is shimmering and sparkling by the end of the day.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog for more posts like this one, as part of our Spring Cleaning Month here at Distinctive Chesterfields.

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