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London Chesterfield Corner Sofa

Our corner couches are extra spacious, with 8 size options available.

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Antique Leathers (Price Band A)

his leather has a corrected grain and a durable finish. Our antique leathers can be rubbed off to your specification depending on how much colour you want to be visible. You can select from light, medium or heavy rub off. With heavy showing off the most colour with a two tone effect.

Traditional Leathers (Price Band A)

Florence leather has a sealed top coat and an extremely smooth finish. This leather has a gorgeous solid colour

Distressed Leathers (Price Band B)

Tribe Leather has a distressed look, but is soft to touch. This is a fully aniline leather which means it has been fully dyed and therefore has a deep colour and a natural grain finish. Apache Leather is a sealed leather with a resilient coating applied to help prevent scratching. This leather is recommended if you have children or pets. Dune Leather is sealed which means it is less likely to mark. This leather is perfect for family life. Its distressed look gives it a distinct vintage look perfect for our Chesterfields. Cracked Wax Leather has a cracked wax look with a soft feel and a resilient top coating which aids durability. Its traditional cracked look makes it brilliant for bringing the Chesterfield charm to life. Vintage Leather is a semi-aniline leather with a distressed look and a resilient top coating. It is lightly buffed which gives it a soft touch while retaining most of the natural patina. Tempesta has a remarkable velvety finish and a gentle waxy touch. With a look of a nubuck leather but the performance of a semi-aniline product this latest range is proving to be a new statement piece. Crystal is a natural half grain semi aniline leather with a medium sheen and slight pull up characteristic. The leather when stretched will lighten slightly giving a pleasing contrast of shades between the top-coat and the hide colour underneath. The leather has a resilient coating preventing soiling and scratching making it ideal for domestic upholstery.

Luxury Leathers (Price Band C)

Vesuvio is a Grade A Leather with a smooth finish. This is a fully aniline leather which means it has been fully dyed and therefore has a deep colour and a natural grain finish. We would not recommend this leather if you have pets as it can mark. Legacy is a natural, vacuum dried pull-up leather. With a slight two-tone effect and a buttery hand feel, this collection is available in rich hues. Amalfi is a beautifully soft semi-aniline leather with a combination of waxes and oils that brings out the character and class of this ageless, heritage leather. The waxes on the surface of the leather not only add some protection but are designed to repair itself without detracting from the natural characteristics of the hide. Therefore, this leather gets better and better with age, wearing in not wearing out.

House Boucle (Price Band A)

House Boucle fabric, perfectly fitting the brief for the current trend of contemporary rounded furniture. It is often seen in a Scandi setting mixed with fur to soften the look. Composition: 96% Polyester, 4% Acrylic.

Super Soft Velvets (Price Band A)

Plush Velvet is supremely soft but is also very hard-wearing with a 100,000 rub test. This fabric offers real depth of colour and is stain resistant. Amalfi – With a high rub test of 60.000, Amalfi will give you a modern look with added practicality & durability.

Conscious Cottons (Price Band B)

This eco-conscious cotton fabric is made of 80% recycled cottons, making it as eco-friendly as it is stylish. The cotton remains beautifully soft as it is fully chemical-free and double brushed.

Wools (Price Band B)

Linwood Lana – this woven fabric, spun from soft, Italian recycled wool is one of our most popular choices for upholstery. Composition: 5% Acrylic, 20% Polyester, 5% Nylon, 70% Wool

Luxury Boucle (Price Band C)

Beautifully soft upholstery fabric with a 40,000+ rub test, our luxury boucle is durable yet luxurious. 100% Polyester and available in 8 colourways.

Sumptuous Velvets (Price Band C)

This Italian Velvet has a deep pile and is of course stain resistant. With a 100,000+ Rub test its durable yet luxurious.

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