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Lazy Brits Spend Half Their Waking Life Looking at Screens

Sad as it is to hear, we’ve discovered that us Brits spend almost half of our free time looking at either a TV or computer screen! In contrast, we spend a measly four HOURS a year exercising compared to our excessive screen time!

Our poll, which questioned 2,000 UK adults, further revealed that us Brits spend an astonishing 51 days each year browsing the internet. In addition to this, we also spend 18 days annually playing video games and a whopping 47 days watching television.

This means that the nation’s screen addiction is so severe that the amount of time we spend in front of one equates to the average number of hours we sleep yearly!

Our findings suggest that Scots are the UK’s biggest screen-addicts, spending an outrageous 125 days yearly looking at their screens. Those in Wales were on the other side of the scale, spending 109 days a year looking at their screens, less than anywhere else in the UK.

On average, people from East Anglia spend 51 days of their year watching television, more than anywhere else in Britain. Scots watch the least television, tuning in for just under three hours a day (2hr 51), equating to 43 days a year.

However, Scots do take the title for most hours spent online, with people from the country spending 57 days a year browsing the net, which is in stark contrast to those from Wales who browse online the least, spending just 47 days a year on the net.

Scots were also found to be the UK’s biggest gamers, spending 25 days a year playing video games. Scots’ love for gaming saw them spending 5 days more a year playing than those from the East Midlands, who were revealed to the nation’s second biggest gaming enthusiasts.

The staggering figures we found on ‘screen time’ doesn’t even include the amount of time us Brits spend in front of our computers whilst at work.

Those in the North East however were in a league of their own when it came to being lazy, with 34% of people in the region admitting to never exercising. The South East and West Midlands were also found to be fellow lazy regions, with 30% and 28% of these areas not exercising respectively.

In contrast, those in Wales were found to be the most active in the UK, with two thirds of people exercising for at least an hour a week.

Our survey found that the laziness of us Brits was also influencing our social lives, with the average person admitting to skipping six social gatherings a year simply because they can’t be bothered.

Two thirds of those that we surveyed said that they have declined an invitation as they wanted to relax, with two in five choosing to have a lie-in instead of seeing their pals.

Some of the other more popular reasons to ditch social events include watching TV (28%), watching football (23%) and playing video games (17%).

Despite its array of landmarks and hotspots, people from London were found to be the UK’s most unsociable, skipping a third of social gatherings.

As well as being the UK’s most active, people from Wales were found to be the UK’s most sociable too, with respondents only missing 8% of events they’re invited too.

Due to our addiction to our televisions and computers, many of us Brits no longer feel the need to attend social events and enjoy a catch up with our friends.

We can also benefit from conducting exercise and fitness programmes indoors, giving us even more of a reason to stay indoors.


For more information on our findings, check out the infographic below and discover more about just how lazy us Brits are!

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