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Chesterfield Furniture

Celeb Watch: The A-Listers with Chesterfield Sofas

If you ever needed another excuse to purchase a chesterfield sofa, did you know that some of your favourite celebs own one? And some of them own other pieces of furniture in the chesterfield style.

Anyone who knows great style when it comes to interiors seems to have a beautifully traditional piece like ours in their living room, including Taylor Swift and Ellen DeGeneres. Take a closer look at the homes of some of the celebs who love the chesterfield style of furniture as much as we do here at Distinctive Chesterfields…


Everyone knows Ellen; she’s so famous we don’t even need to mention her surname, do we? Although we kind of did in our intro above. As well as being pretty well-known worldwide for her chat show, she should be pretty famous for her taste in décor too. Why? She has a beautiful home and it used to feature a chesterfield sofa or two, as well. So, of course, she’s just soared even higher in our estimation here at Distinctive Chesterfields.

We wonder if Ellen would like our contemporary Battersea sofa?

We spotted this article on The Daily Mail site recently, which featured Ellen’s house in all its glory. She’s due to sell her home and we report that it looks a lot different to how it looked a couple of years ago. Our eagle-eyed content manager remembers seeing a chesterfield in Ellen’s living room, after an online search. We reckon the reason for this change in taste is simply that Ellen looks to have gone for a more contemporary look in her home – but we bet she still loves a chesterfield. Maybe she’d like to know that we also offer some modern sofa styles now.

Ella Henderson

Psst! Did you know The X Factor’s Ella Henderson is a chesterfield sofa fan? She even bought one from our London showroom a year or so ago! She certainly has good taste, eh? Ella was looking to kit out her apartment in the capital and she figured a chesterfield or two would make it feel more homely – she was right, of course!

We have a few ties to The X Factor, you know; we also watched in sheer delight when a couple of our pieces featured on the show a few years ago – take a look….

Taylor Swift

We bet Taylor Swift would love our chesterfield-style Bromley bed. Why? Well, she has one that’s strikingly similar – seen over on Glamour magazine’s site in a feature about celebrity homes.

We’ve had a good look at the images of Taylor’s house (oh, and this is just one of the properties she owns!) and we have to say we’re more than a little envious. I think we should ‘shake off’ our jealousy, though; it isn’t a good trait. Okay, okay…that’s a bad joke – we’ll get our coats.

Louis Tomlinson

Another celeb who loves a chesterfield-style bed is One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson – and you can see it here on the Daily Mail site. With a large headboard, the bed certainly stands out in Louis’ bedroom. What do you make of this piece?

Coleen and Wayne Rooney

Our eagle-eyed HR manager, Tana, spotted a chesterfield in the background of one of Coleen Rooney’s photos on Instagram. The wife of the footballing star certainly has good taste, if she was behind the purchase of this traditional, tufted sofa, that is.

It could be Rooney himself who’s a fan of the distinctive style of sofa – but what do you think?


Want a chesterfield sofa just like the stars? Get in touch with our sales teams here at Distinctive Chesterfields.

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