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Create a Cosy Ambience in Your Home this Christmas

Hands up who’s entertaining over Christmas? The chances are, if you’re not heading to your parents’ or in-laws’ on December 25, or during the run up to it, you’ll be hosting round at yours.

And if you’d like to ensure your guests have a cosy and comfortable stay, you’ll want to check out our blog for adding a little ambience to your house. Read on for Distinctive Chesterfields‘ top tips…

Consider Colour and Texture

If you’re hoping to create a cosy ambience in your home this Christmas, you probably won’t want to opt for too many loud colours or prints. And as well as specific shades and designs, you’ll also want to think about texture.

Ensure a relaxed, comfy look in your living room by adding plush-looking throws, cushions and rugs to your room. Providing some of the easiest ways to update your decor, accessories like these can be picked up cheaply and can transform your space in hardly any time at all. Take a look at how we’ve used some of our throws – found here in our Huddersfield showroom – below.

Choose Soft Lighting

The lighting you choose is vital, if you’re hoping to offer guests a warm and inviting stay. Opt for soft lighting, where possible, adding candles or string lights (or why not consider this LED bottle, below?) to focal points like your mantlepiece.

In contrast, bright lighting or harsh spotlights might make your guests feel a little more alert than they’d perhaps like to be, when they’re settling down on the couch after a huge turkey dinner.


Stock Up on Snacks

By filling bowls or plates with bite-size treats like chocolates, nuts and crisps, your guests will feel more than at home. If you have a little time on your hands and want to show friends and family that you’ve gone some way to ensure they have a pleasant stay, you could make your own treats. These homemade Ferrero Rocher are surprisingly simple to whip up – why not give them a go and wow your guests this Christmas?

Scents and Sounds

A cosy atmosphere is about so much more than furniture (and chocolate!), though. Consider everything that goes into making someone feel like they’ve just stepped into a relaxing spa; from cosy, festive-scented candles to relaxing music, they’ll be putting their feet up in no time, if you create the right environment.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create a cosy haven from your home, either. Even a pack of tealights will go a long way to making your home look the part throughout the festive season. Just ensure you never leave tealights unattended (and keep children well away at all times); choose some festive, glass tealight holders and pop them out of reach.

Pick a Paint

If you’re in the middle of redecorating, or you’re at least at the stage where you’re thinking about colour schemes, opt for shades that are cosy year-round. If you want to make your space a place you can really wind down, you won’t want to be too impulsive, choosing garish shades that’ll make your eyes hurt. Instead, go for something neutral and soft. We’re taking a lot of inspiration from this festive scene below, via ideal home.

And Finally…

Go the extra mile with additional thoughtful touches, such as a basket of clean, dry and extremely fluffy slipper socks (image below via Pinterest). Guests can then help themselves – ideal if they’ve had a long, cold and rainy drive – and get curled up on the sofa almost immediately.

If friends and family are staying over, you could also add a ‘hamper’ of goodies in the room – a bottle or two of water, some small toiletries and other home-from-home luxuries they may appreciate. Hey, why not go the whole hog in turning your guest room into a mini hotel and pop a chocolate on their pillow?

You might have some ideas of your own, too?

Are you ready to create a cosy home in time for Christmas? What are your own top tips for ensuring a relaxing ambience in your living room? Let us know by commenting on this blog, below.

Until next time…

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