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Interiors Trends and Tips

Got Kids? Here’s How to Keep Your Living Room Looking Lovely

You’ve spent what feels like an eternity ensuring the living room looks spic and span, and then little fingers and hands come and trash (literally!) your hard work.

So, what can you do? Is it possible for tidy living rooms and kids to exist together? Here at Distinctive Chesterfields, we say it can absolutely work – and it doesn’t involve palming your children off to a family member forevermore (we jest, of course) while you live in uncluttered bliss. Here’s how to keep your living room looking lovely, even if you have kids:

Make Kids’ Toys a Feature of the Room

We’re not encouraging you to add a shelf full of cuddly toys to your space, but you can make a feature of your kids’ other prized possessions by simply thinking outside the box.

Even items as inconspicuous as colouring pencils and crayons can be incorporated into the decor, with a little thought and creativity. The way we see it, if they’re going to be in your living room the majority of the time anyway, you may as well make a feature of them.

Kids’ art can also be placed centre stage in your home; take a look here for more.

Opt for Versatile Seating

Think about your child during the decorating process – and not just after – and you’ll find your living room is much more practical all-round. One idea is to choose versatile seating – such as poufs, large footstools (which can double up as child-friendly stools,) and even small wingback chairs.

Our accountant here at Distinctive Chesterfields HQ bought one of our kids’ wing chairs with his toddler, Rory, in mind. He loves it and it doesn’t look out of place in the living room, either.

Another option when it comes to your furniture is to choose antiqued-looking leather or fabrics. Designed to look ‘vintage’, they can stand a little more wear and tear – as that’s all part of the overall look.

Add an Outdoor Rug

There are always ways to make your space look pretty while still ensuring it’s practical. An outdoor rug will do it; like antiqued fabrics, they’re designed to handle a little bit more of what life – or your kids – have to throw at them.

The good thing about them is they can be taken outside, shaken off and hosed down. So, they really are ideal if you have little ones around.

Choose ‘Grown Up’ Storage

While many people will have a standard kids’ toy box – in plastic, for example – lying around their living room, it might not be the best option in terms of aesthetics.

Choose well and you can complement your decor while incorporating your kids’ favourite toys in your space. Some storage solutions double up as coffee tables, which means you really won’t have to sacrifice your space for your little ones’ toys.

Indulge Your Kids

Do you have a room in your house that just isn’t being utilised? Indulge your kids and transform it into a sophisticated-looking playroom or hangout, like this homeowner. That way, the whole family can enjoy the space.

What are your top tips for a home that looks just as good as it is practical? Share them here on our blog – and don’t forget to chip into the chat on Facebook, too.

Until next time…

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