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How to Style a Blue Chesterfield Sofa

We’ve seen blue take over interior trends this year, with Pantone highlighting Classic Blue as our colour of the year for 2020 and, with trend predictions leaning towards a teal for 2021, blue looks as though it’s a trend that is here to stay.

At Distinctive Chesterfields, we couldn’t be happier! Blue is an interior decor dream, with beautiful rich tones that are perfect for breathing some life into any space and adaptability to suit any style from subtle and understated to bold and bright. 

So, whether you’ve got your eye on a blue Chesterfield sofa or,  you’ve recently bought one and you’re wondering how to upgrade your space, stick with us and we’ll give you some expert tips on making the most of your sofa and your space for 2021. 

Choose your Shade

Blue can be seen as a bold choice with most of us conjuring up images of a bright tone or a deep royal blue, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Picking the shade that is right for you and is going to match the feeling you want to create in your space is very important. Only you will know the vision you have for your space, but we want to give you some pointers to help make that vision a reality. 

If you’re looking for a traditional take on this colour trend why not look into Antique Leather Chesterfields. These are corrected grain leathers, which means they have a lot of unique character in their appearance and are perfect for creating a truly bespoke piece. Antique Leather is a perfect way to blend contemporary with classic while not compromising on either. The leather goes through a process called ‘rubbing off’ which exposes a tonal pigment underneath and adds depth to the finished look of the sofa. A more traditional appearance in line with classic Chesterfield sofas, the striking tone of a Blue Antique Leather is a cool and contemporary twist on a classic Chesterfield staple. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something much more contemporary or versatile for your space, blue velvet is another brilliant option. Ranging from rich royal blues to tempting teal tones, a blue velvet sofa allows for much more experimentation and creates a real statement essence within your space. Don’t be fooled by the soft and sumptuous feel of velvet, however, velvets can be deceptively hard-wearing and long-lasting, something we take pride in at Distinctive Chesterfields by only sourcing the highest quality fabrics. Whether you want to combine classic silhouettes with a contemporary finish or create a completely contemporary piece, a blue velvet Chesterfield is sure to turn heads in any space.  

Colour Ways & Palettes

So, we bet you’re wondering how easy it is to compliment a blue sofa with accents and accessories, creating a consistent aesthetic in your space. Don’t worry, in fact now is the best time to think about taking the plunge and buying that dreamy blue sofa. Interior décor hubs and DIY depots will have designed entire collections based around Pantone’s classic blue, as this trend continues. These collections will feature an array of paints, accents, furniture, and all the other trimmings designed specifically to perfectly complement blues in the home. 

Picking a palette for your room can help identify the colours that will balance your sofa and bring the room together. Using Pantone’s colour of the year 2020, we’ve paired up some brilliant colour combinations to make this easier for you and help you bring your vision to life. 

Blue & Blush 

Blue and Blush is the perfect colour combination for multiple reasons, none more so than the balance they bring one another. While the bold and domineering blue tones in your sofa lead the room, the blush accents soften this boldness and make for a perfectly balanced room. We recommend Blush on the walls partnered with a royal/classic blue Chesterfield sofa with blush elements introduced with scatter cushions, throws, and some gold accents within your furniture to really make this combination burst and tie it together with some contemporary class. 

Blue and Tobacco or Burnt Orange 

If you picture your space looking somewhat more classic and timeless, but still want to inject some character into it, this combination is perfect. An Antique Leather gives your space the subtle tones needed to play perfectly on the warmth of a tobacco brown tone or a burnt orange. Blue and orange/brown tones have been a timeless combination seen time and time again in interiors and while bold tones make for contemporary creations this muted and understated twist radiates sophistication. 

We recommend combining Antique leathers in your space using a medley of pieces in warm Antique Browns and Golds with an Antique Blue will make this statement piece glow. 

Slithers of Gold and Brass scattered throughout this in accent pieces and subtle elements will finish this palette off perfectly and upgrade your space to a beautiful cosy corner of heaven. 

Blue and Grey 

Blue and grey is one of the most beautifully subtle yet striking combinations to grace interior trends recently and we have to admit, we love it. A very modern feeling palette this combination plays on the understated elegance of contrast, making it the perfect choice for minimalistic and modern spaces. If a fresh and modern space appeals to you, this is one way of incorporating a blue Chesterfield sofa into your space. We recommend a more contemporary, modernised silhouette in a royal blue, nestled into space where grey is the primary colour. Whether this is a feature wall or a consistent colour, the neutral grey tones will highlight your statement blue sofa while creating a complementary contrast.

Blue and Mauve  

With roots in the same colour tree, Blue and Mauve are unexpected companions in colour that make a stunning combination when used together. Blue and Mauve is the middle ground between the Blue and Blush combination we mentioned earlier, and a slightly more subtle version. This is perfect for those who want a similar effect but don’t want to commit to so much contrast. Their similar make-up of colours eases the contrast between these two colours and allow you to play with different depths of mauve and experiment with darker and lighter tones, all of which will complement your blue sofa. You can use this combination in a very similar way, but we recommend using cooler tones in your accents as these will help blend the mauve and the blue into a peaceful space. 

Why not experiment with colour blocking? These striking and contrasting palettes are the perfect combination for adding some unique character to your space and colour blocking can completely transform and refresh the appearance and structure of a space. A top tip when colour blocking is to use contrast to your advantage, especially when furniture. If you’re feeling bold enough to try this stunning interior style, position your blue sofa against an area of blocked colour, the contrast this will create will upgrade the statement your Chesterfield will make and breathe a breath of life into your room. 

At Distinctive Chesterfields, we have carefully created a collection of colours and fabrics to ensure that everyone finds their ideal shade, whether in one of our Italian leathers or sumptuously soft velvets. 

Browse our collection of classic and contemporary Chesterfield sofas, all available in Blue Velvets and Leathers! 

If you’d like some expert help, don’t be shy. Get in touch with our expert team today and let us help you bring your dream sofa to life.

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