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A Lifetime Warranty With Every Sofa?

We know that buying a new sofa represents a huge investment. Often, you can wonder if you’re selecting the right model (it really is that hard to choose – just have a look at our range and see for yourself!), or even if it’ll stand the test of time and prove more than worth the money.

Well, when you choose a Distinctive Chesterfields sofa you’ll know that it’ll more than stand the test of time. Why? You can be sure because we’re so confident in the quality of our couches that we offer a lifetime warranty which each one.

Above: our Blenheim chesterfield sofa

Every item that leaves our UK workshop (here in Huddersfield, England) is of impeccable quality; it simply won’t leave our premises unless it undergoes at least two thorough inspections.

AS we’re 100% confident that your chosen product will last for many years, we’ve created a few guarantees to give you a little more assurance. One of them is our 12-month sofa covering warranty, which will protect against any defects for 12 months.

What’s Classed as a Sofa Defect?

Of course, when we say defects, we mean defects that aren’t considered a natural quality of the leather or fabric your sofa is upholstered in.

Be aware that scars and marks are normal within 100% bovine hides – and they add to their authenticity.

Above: our Drummond sofa

If the defect is not natural, however, then it’s covered under the warranty. This means that you simply won’t have to put up with any unsightly marks that aren’t your fault. Or perhaps the fabric has unravelled and it’s not down to your treatment of the sofa? Either way, you’re covered. Please note: our warranties only apply to products bought and used in a domestic setting.

And What About Our Lifetime Warranty?

When are you entitled to a lifetime warranty, then? You’ll get one with any sofa you select from our range!

The reason we offer this is, again, because we’re completely confident in our products.

The warranty covers you against the structure of your piece, giving you piece of mind that we intend our sofas to last a lifetime.

Above: our Fulham sofa

Manufactured by Skilled Chesterfield Craftsmen

Another great thing about our sofas is the fact they’re made completely by hand – and by a time-served team of talented craftsmen.

Each piece is meticulously inspected, as we mentioned earlier, before being fitted with a ‘Handmade in England’ plaque to the rear of the structure. It’s another detail which sets your sofa apart from the rest of the chesterfield couches you’ll see when shopping around.

Don’t Forget Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Too!

Still not sure a handmade chesterfield sofa is for you? We pretty much know you’ll love the one you select; alongside our 12-month and lifetime sofa covering warranties, we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

What that means for you is if you decide within 30 days that your new chesterfield sofa just isn’t for you, you can get in touch for a full refund. Please note: if you are based outside of the UK or you’ve ordered a bespoke model this guarantee does not apply.

Want to know more? Simply contact our team, who’ll be more than happy to help.

Until next time…

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