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Chesterfield Furniture

Looking for a brown chesterfield sofa?

A quick search on Pinterest¬†will throw up all manner of Chesterfield sofas, from the, quite frankly ‘out there’ patchwork kind, to the casual denim¬†and linen ones seen dotted around the site and online in general. But here at Distinctive Chesterfields, while we get the odd request for something a little more out of the ordinary – a tartan sofa to name just one – it’s our one-colour sofas which remain popular among our customers.

A Leather or Fabric of Your Choice

Of course, we offer a wide range of shades and leather types – from those with an ‘antique’ finish, to suede, and luxury, deluxe swatches. We can also upholster your chesterfield in sumptuous velvet, relaxed linen, or anything else you fancy. That denim chesterfield we just mentioned? We made one for a customer abroad, after she spotted a chesterfield in the very same style online.

But most of our customers are on the hunt for something which slots into their home a little more effortlessly; a chesterfield in a neutral shade. “Browns – particularly our antique brown – are very popular here in our showroom,” says Distinctive Chesterfields’ sales lady Sophie, “everyone seems to love the shade.”

Brown Chesterfield Sofas

Brown Chesterfield Sofa chatsworth

It’s no wonder brown is a popular shade, given how easily it complements any decor – from old to new, colourful to understated. A brown chesterfield offers a classic look, and it’s a a real investment piece. The good thing about selecting a chesterfield in a neutral colour is that it’ll easily work with newer trends as they come and go. To alter your living room’s look, simply add complementing coloured accessories and you essentially have a brand new room. The only thing that won’t change is your timeless, hand-built chesterfield, which is made by our craftsmen and built to offer years of use.

Pictured above is the ever-popular Chatsworth chesterfield in brown (antique harvest gold), but of course, you can alter the shade or fabric as you wish to create a truly bespoke piece of furniture to treasure.

brown chesterfield sofa

Above, the Berkeley sofa is the epitome of understated style. It’s built over a solid beech chesterfield frame and the devil is in the detail. Take a look at its pipe hem, intricate interior seams, and fully sprung seat in our showroom – which is open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

light brown chesterfield sofa

This grey-brown – grey being a big shade for 2014, according to this article¬†– will work equally well in a modern or traditional house or apartment. ¬†Pictured here is our beautiful Drummond sofa¬†in the leather deluxe arabica. This light brown chesterfield is based on our signature sofa, the Blenheim, and displays the same arch flared arms, high castor shod stance, and pipe and stud finish details. It’s a gorgeous chesterfield which has been converted into a cushioned seat model by popular demand.

Blue Chesterfield Sofa

blue chesterfield sofa

Short of space in your home? Our Burghley sofa¬†is quite a bit smaller than some of our standard chesterfields, and would look great added to a living room, dining room or kitchen. It’s pictured here in antique blue, but you can have yours in any colour to suit your decor.

How about a green chesterfield? You can have any of our models, including our beautiful wing back chairs, upholstered in green leather or fabric.

Green Chesterfield Sofas

With something of a masculine look, this green chesterfield ‘Harewood’ is named after Harewood House, which was built by the Lascelles family in the mid-18th century in Yorkshire England, with money earned in the sugar trade.

The Harewood sofa bed looks like it could have been adorning one of the public rooms or library 250 years ago and would fit in just as well today. It’s shown in antique green leather, but can be ordered in any one of our shades or leather types.

green chesterfield sofa harewood

Also pictured here in antique green, the Buckingham chesterfield is available in any one of our antique, premium or deluxe leathers. This piece is hand crafted, like the rest of the chesterfield line, with a frame made of beech wood and a seat support system of hand tied springs.

This piece also comprises a line with hand covered buttons tufting the back, front and arms, as well as polished brass nails following the curvature of the arms. It features carved and French polished feet of mahogany, too – a distinctive piece of furniture, certainly.

green chesterfield sofa

Red Chesterfield Sofas

A popular model of chesterfield, the Blenheim is is our signature suite here at Distinctive Chesterfields. A stunning red chesterfield with a tinge of black here and there, this one (pictured) has oversized dramatic arms, reminiscent of the era three centuries ago when Queen Anne presented Blenheim Palace to John Churchill, the First Duke of Marlborough. One of his relations, Winston Churchill, was born there and this very suite with its elegant formal look could have graced this lovely home then and is enduring enough to still be there today.

This red chesterfield sofa, can of course be ordered in an antiqued finish, or premium or deluxe leathers or, if you prefer, a fabric of your choice.

red chesterfield sofa

The¬†Windsor¬†is shown here in a maroon shade – perfect if you’d like a red chesterfield sofa that isn’t quite as vibrant as other pillar box red sofas. Shown here in deluxe giotto wine, the Windsor has been built over our classic, solid beech frame and features hand fitted springs and a single buttoned border for that traditional chesterfield style.

maroon chesterfield sofa windsor

Looking for something specific? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team via the website, or say hello over on¬†Facebook and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Perhaps you’d like a red chesterfield sofa in velvet, or maybe you’d like a green chesterfield to your own dimensions? Simply contact us, tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do the rest.

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