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Chesterfield Furniture

Looking for a Pink Chesterfield Sofa?

Pink is big for 2017. Very big.

So we thought when better than right now to talk about the soft hue? After all, we say April (thanks to its lighter and brighter days Рhooray for the clocks going forward!) is the perfect time to add a little pink into your life Рand your home.

The good thing about pink is it can complement quite a lot of other shades. Team it with grey, monochrome colours, or other pastel shades (like mint green, pale blue and lemon) for a living room that screams ‘spring!’.

And guess what? Thanks to our spring sale you can now enjoy 10% off any of our pink chesterfields. Of course, any of our range can be upholstered in pink, too. So you don’t only have the pink sofa pictures¬†you see on our website to choose from. Instead, select your favourite piece alongside your favourite shade of pink (from fuchsia to baby pink) and we’ll do the rest!

To give you some inspiration, we’ve put together a pink chesterfield sofa collage for you (below). It features two customer photos of sofas in pink/purple shades, and a beautiful photo of our Paris chair. Have a look…

To the left of our collage above, you see our contemporary-styled Fulham sofa in cinder rose linen. A muted shade of pink, this is a beautiful choice for the warmer seasons and it’ll complement a county cottage style home.

The couch belongs to our accountant, Richard, who after setting eyes on this piece – a relatively recent addition to our sofa range (launched to coincide with the opening of our London showroom) – simply had to add it to his living room.

As you can see, the pink sofa works perfectly with his colour scheme, and he says that even with two children the shade wasn’t a bad choice for his small family. “Any marks seem to come straight off my couch,” says Richard, “And it’s a dark enough shade that accidental spills aren’t massively noticeable anyway.”

The Fulham is certainly a popular sofa, especially amongst our own team. Our content manager, Lauren, also opted for this sofa, yet she chose the couch in bright yellow. Find out what she thinks of it by heading here. And while this piece isn’t a chesterfield as such, it can still be found amongst our range at Distinctive Chesterfields.

Also featured in the pink sofa collage above is our Paris chesterfield chair. Okay, so this is a chair and not a sofa (and it’s seen here in Pretty Pink linen), but we’ve recently introduced this¬†distinctive model to our range as a sofa. So…you know…you can own it as a larger piece of furniture. If you want.

And last but not least in our photo collage is our London sofa bed in a beautiful lavender shade. Not quite pink but certainly along the same lines Рlike it?

If you love the modern look when it comes to pink sofas, look no further than our Clapham model. It’s pictured above and it’s proved a big draw with our customers, both in our showrooms and via online hits. With a plain cushion seat and cushioned back, the sofa has no studding as standard. What do you think of this couch?

And finally, a rather quirky customer photo (above). This image of our Holyrood sofa, in a¬†rather vibrant pink, was an entry in a Facebook competition we ran a year or so back. We asked customers to send us a¬†fun picture of their chesterfield – and this one was just one of the photos in the running for a prize. We say that silver sequinned mannequin is as much a fan of pink as the customer herself is…

Until next time…

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