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Chesterfield Furniture

The Perfect Chesterfield: Our Beginner’s Buying Guide

Thinking of buying a Chesterfield Sofa for your space? Be sure to pick the perfect piece with Distinctive Chesterfield’s expert buying guide.

We’ve broken down the different styles, feels, and comfort ratings to help you chose your perfect sofa you’ll be dying to snuggle up on.

There’s no question that Chesterfield sofas conjure up images of rich, traditional furniture and grand, elegant interiors., but could there be more to our beloved Chesterfields? Definitely!

While the traditional Chesterfield charm holds a special place in people’s hearts and homes, Chesterfields can also give modern spaces a boost of contemporary chic.

Finding the right piece for your home can be tricky, but don’t let that hold you back from sofa satisfaction! Our experts here at Distinctive Chesterfields are here to help guide you through the world of Chesterfield Sofas and direct you to the perfect piece for your living space, whatever your style.

So without further ado, let’s sink into your perfect sofa.


First and foremost, creating the perfect haven in your space is important. Your concept, vision, and goals for this space can be the ideal starting point for picking the perfect perch, whatever the room. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement piece or a subtle snuggler, we’” guide you through our collection of Chesterfield Sofas so you can understand the differences between builds, silhouettes, and styles, helping you pick the perfect addition to your room.



Traditional and Timeless    


Sometimes you simply can’t beat a classic.

While interior trends come and go there is the true longevity to be said for beautifully crafted, traditional furniture such as a Chesterfield.

If you, like many others fell in love with the elegance and nostalgia of a classic Chesterfield and are looking to create a refined and regal feel in your space, the traditional silhouette may be your best choice. Traditional silhouettes come with all the trimmings you’d expect of a classic. From their deep buttoning throughout luxurious upholstery to upright arms, ornate bordering, and a delicate balance of fabric piping and metal studding. These silhouettes are everlasting and iconic, simply oozing class and sophistication.

Deep Italian leathers in traditional brown and green tones help these styles maintain that polished and refined Chesterfield character, while quality craftsmanship guarantees a sofa built to last.

However, at Distinctive Chesterfields, we understand how tastes, trends, and, visions vary from person to person and space to space. With this in mind, we have made all of our timeless classics available in our full range of contemporary velvets, as well as traditional leathers.



Contemporary and Cool

If you think that you can’t combine a Chesterfield Sofa with modern, contemporary spaces, think again.

Although a classic staple of furniture design, the Chesterfield sofa has had a serious reboot of contemporary coolness in recent years, complementing a modern space effortlessly.

While still flaunting the markers of a quality Chesterfield these contemporary choices offer touches of modernity such as a more relaxed arched arm, tilted backs, and a subtle and modernized foot. These styles look brilliant in any colour, letting you experiment with your space and your vision, guaranteeing to be a statement piece in any room. At Distinctive Chesterfields, we think these styles look extra special in bold brights or pretty pastels if you’re really looking to make a statement.



There’s no denying that whatever the style, Chesterfield sofas are guaranteed to look stunning. If you’re finding it particularly hard to choose your perfect Chesterfield consider comfort and use, as these will alter the styles you’ll be drawn to.

A sofa is so much more than a piece of furniture it’s where we rest and recharge after a long day, gather around as a family to catch up, entertain our friends and so much more. Our sofas are a place where we relax and unwind so comfort is essential. However, comfort means different things to different people and we all have our personal preferences.

When choosing your sofa, ask yourself questions about the space, your vision, and your preferences.

What space are you buying for?

Who will be using it and how often?

Do you prefer a supportive sit or a sinking into a snuggly spot?

Asking yourself these questions can really help with choosing a style, as certain style elements can alter the sit and feel of your Chesterfield.

Firm Seat

The more traditional silhouettes and builds tend to offer a firmer sit, with a less cushioned feel to the seat base.

Generally, buttoning is a good indicator of how firm or soft a seat will feel, something to look out for when shopping for the perfect Chesterfield Sofa for your space. Buttoning pulls upholstery for a tighter finish, which results in less movement and a firmer sit. Fixed, buttoned seats are perfect for those who don’t like to sink into their sofa or for occasional use in spaces such as reception rooms, offices, or professional spaces.

Soft Seat

If you are looking for a comfier sit, then consider a more cushioned model. Whether it is supremely comfortable seat cushions or the subtler sink of a fixed cushion base you, can find your perfect mix of style and comfort in a Chesterfield sofa.

As you can imagine, adding seat cushions to the base is a serious boost of comfort for a much softer sit than a buttoned base. If you like a sofa you can sink into to then additional seat cushions may be the choice for you, however smooth fixed seats can offer a great mid-ground between firm support and cushiony comfort.

Supportive Sitting Position

It might not seem a big factor, but the depth of your seat can help you pick the right sofa for you.

The seat depth is the way we describe the space between the arm position and the seat base. We recommend a shallower seat for a more supportive sit. If you prefer to be cradled with a supportive back, these silhouettes will correct your sitting position closer to the back of your sofa where your back will be supported by the contours of the sofa itself, aiding your posture.


Relaxed Sitting Position

Those of you looking for more relaxed support around the back may just find this in a deeper seat. A deeper seat offers a sofa you’ll sink into more so than a higher seat, meaning you’ll find yourself nestled in a more relaxed back. Don’t be fooled however, these frames still have plenty of support where your body needs it most but offer a more relaxed alternative to a shallow seat.

Top Tips:

  • Order FREE swatches – Getting a feel for a fabric and colour in your space can help you make the perfect choice for your interior. Order yours now.
  • Have a clear vision – Knowing the overall style you want to achieve in your space will ensure your sofa complements this and brings this vision to life.
  • Know why you’re buying – When it comes to your sofa, what are you looking for? Do you want a different feel? A more supportive sit? What don’t you like about your current sofa? Buy the perfect sofa for YOU.
  • Ask us! – If you have a vision but you’re not sure how to bring this to life, that’s our cue! Our expert sales team know our Chesterfields like the back of their hands and can help you bring your space to life with a perfect piece.

Ready to bring your vision to life?

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Whether you’ve got any questions, queries or you simply want a quote on your dream sofa get in touch with our expert sales team today.

Alternatively, why not pop into our London or Huddersfield showrooms?

Our team can offer you the very best help and guidance ensuring that you leave knowing exactly what you want.

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