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Upgrade your Space: Gallery Walls

Gallery Walls are one of the most popular interior habits rising through the ranks of interior trends. The maximalist look is simply dominating trend and style magazines, blogs, and feeds. Gallery Walls are the perfect way to express yourself, your style, and your life in a gorgeous way.

So, what is a Gallery Wall?

As you’d expect from the name a Gallery Wall is a very visual feature wall, composed of multiple hung frames and elements. However, Gallery Walls offer so much more than just aesthetic and trend. They allow you to achieve a carefully thought and beautiful accent feature that expresses you, your life, your loves, and your style in a very personal way. Although a popular trend, Gallery Walls reject the idea of ‘trend’ with the personalities, characters, and lives that they can embody and express.

Why are they a great choice?

The key is in their simplicity. Gallery Walls are an easy, non-permanent way to create a beautiful feature wall while utilising your space to express your personal style. As they’re non-permanent they are perfect for both homeowners or renters, as there’s no decorating involved. This is also great for quick refreshes of your space. Swapping and changing the styles or even expanding your gallery wall are all great ways to keep breathing new life into your space, without reaching for the paint roller.

Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

Step One

Deciding what you want to feature in your gallery wall will determine the finished look and how this complements the rest of your space. Key elements to consider are the frames themselves, where you’re going to get them from, and what style you want to create with these. Creating an eclectic feel with frames and components of different sizes will help you create a less uniform finish to your wall and create a more unique look.

Stray away from frames for a more creative and dynamic wall. A Gallery Wall can be brought to life by introducing different elements such as wall planters, subtle shelving, and other multi-dimensional elements.

Top tip: Create a completely unique look for your space by painting your frames, this will help tie the various sizes into your wall with extra helpings of your personal style and character. Make your space completely your own.

Step Two

Map your wall. Although non-permanent, you can save yourself a lot of time hanging hooks and fittings if you know exactly where you want each element to sit and how you want your wall to look. Mapping your wall will help avoid a ‘cluttered’ feel to your space.

You can effectively map your wall in a number of ways, from using digital software to photograph your wall and place each element in, to a traditional pen and paper sketch. However, sometimes the best method is using your wall as your guide, marking (in pencil) the areas you would like each frame/element to sit. This allows you to use your space effectively and create the perfect version for your wall the space you have and the style you are looking to create.

Step Three

Start framing!

Once you have decided where your frames/elements will sit it is time to choose exactly what you will be incorporating into your wall. Whether it’s a sentimental showcase or a way to inject colour into your room without painting walls you can showcase your own style and story exactly how you want.

Top tip: Frame your fabrics! Whether it’s a favourite item that no longer fits, a sentimental piece from a special day, or simply a fabric that you love the look of; fabric is a perfect addition to a Gallery Wall. Why not try faux fur or a textured piece to bring an extra element to your wall?

Top tip: Create a minimalist look with your frames. If you have a smaller object to frame why not frame it against a larger frame? Removing the back of a frame and replacing it with glass (in the correct size) will create a cool and contemporary minimalist look, perfect for framing records, smaller photographs, and sentimental pieces such as concert tickets and keepsakes.

Step Four

Refresh your wall. The beauty of your gallery wall is how simple and easy it is to refresh your wall and swap elements out. If you’re rethinking your colour scheme it’s super easy to swap your elements accordingly. Play with your space until you find something that suits you, your space, and your style.


Expand your gallery walls, if you love the idea but aren’t sure where you’d like one why not use this technique to create a feature across any space? They look beautiful wherever and can transform drab spaces into your favourite corner of your home.

We recommend gallery walls for living rooms, bedrooms, and staircases or hallways for the most effective impact in your space. However, your vision is completely yours so, why not experiment in your space?

We’d love to see pictures of your gallery walls whether they’re new additions or home staples. Share your images with us on social media!

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