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Chesterfield Furniture

Vintage Charm: 5 Homes Doing the Trend Well

Whether your home is modern or traditional in style, you can still add some vintage touches to it to add interest to the property.

After all, vintage decor is very much in vogue at the moment; from gorgeous standard lamps to rustic accessories and plush floral printed cushions, it’s so easy to inject some nostalgia into your living room.

Today on the Distinctive Chesterfields blog, we’re bringing you some inspiration to transform the home the retro way. Here are five homes doing the trend well:

Dark and mysterious

With dark, painted walls and rustic accessories, this room uses a battered old antique chesterfield to great effect. We particularly love the wooden trunk-cum-coffee table and those cushions just pull together the whole look, don’t they?

The great thing about this room is that it can be recreated quite easily on a budget, too. Simply scour antiques shops, markets and charity shops for interesting pieces like the artwork you see above the chesterfield, or the miniature stool you see in front of the trunk.

Red is one of the most popular colours amongst Distinctive Chesterfields customers; why not take a look at our antique red shade (like the one you see, above) or our scarlet velvet colour as seen on our beautiful Belchamp?

one kindesign

Moving on now to this femininely-styled room you see above. Featuring a ‘gallery wall’ of beautifully ornate mirrors and lots of smaller details like bold pink cushions, throws and other accessories, this living room puts a tan chesterfield sofa centre stage.

Looking for a brown chesterfield couch just like the one pictured above? Chat to our friendly team today, who’ll be more than happy to suggest some options.

the new victorian ruralist

Not too long ago, we posted a photo of interior designer and blogger Abigail Ahern’s gorgeously styled home over on our Facebook page – and while it divided opinion as a result of its black walls, those that loved its dark stylings really LOVED it.

So, do black and navy blue walls get your vote? It’s a look favoured by this homeowner (above) – and thanks to the retro books and dark brown chesterfield wing back chair, it gives the room a chic, vintage look in general.

What do you make of the decor? Let us know by commenting on our blog (below).


Now here’s someone who certainly loves their literature (see above). Reminiscent of the Beast’s library in the famous fairytale Beauty and the Beast, this room (though on a much smaller scale) has luxury written all over it.

We love the vintage typewriters, too, while the miniature house plants add a touch of colour along with the rows and rows of classic novels.

Of course, we couldn’t skip past this room without mentioning that chesterfield, could we?

A little smaller in size than your typical chesterfield sofa, what this piece lacks in size it more than makes up in vintage style. We love it!

Want one just like it? Don’t forget to check out our full range here on the Distinctive Chesterfields sofas site.

French industrial chic

Last but not least, this cool ‘man cave’ makes use of what looks very much like a retro barber’s chair. And how could we forget that chesterfield, too?! In a deep brown/red shade, it perfectly complements the rest of the room. We particularly love the plates on the wall, as well as that cool artwork. Let us know what you think, too.

Do these vintage-styled homes get the thumbs up from you? Or are there things about them you’d alter? Let us know by commenting on our blog here at Distinctive Chesterfields.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, too.

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